Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Am That Mom - A Guest Posting by Kathryn Baptista

Beth is that mom…

Who fell in love with a child to whom she did not give birth, and knows that it doesn’t make any difference at all, even a tiny bit.

Who once got frustrated with her son and told him he’d have to sit on his bed for the rest of the day, but when it was pointed out to her that it would never work and that it would break her and his heart, never did again.

Who, when her partner started talking about homeschooling and unschooling, looked at her kid and said “Yes!” even though she majored in education in college. And then enthusiastically embraced the idea that the whole family needed to be a Learning Family, and signed up for the violin lessons she’d always wanted to take.

Who has inspired and supported her son in exploring and living in the wilderness for long periods of time, in learning to play the guitar, kayaking and hiking, in watching basketball and having long conversations about it, in driving him anywhere he needs to go, whenever he needs to go, to doing a little gardening together, and countless other things. Who says “Yes!” when invited to backpack and camp, because she is so happy that he wants to do that with her, even if she really does prefer to sleep indoors.

Who trusts her partner and her son with a Trust so fierce that it’s hard to ever feel unsafe.

Who has attended every acting and music performance that she possibly could, including Space Opera three times. That’s NINE HOURS of an opera based on Star Wars, folks.

Who lets her adult son tickle her until she laughs and smiles when she’s cranky, rest his arm on her head to prove how tall he is, and is very patient when she is nagged about her foibles.

Who is totally honest with her son about the good and bad she’s experienced, tries to bring her best self to every part of her parenting, and is goofy and smart and fun and kind.

Beth is that mom that her partner and son are very, very lucky to have.


  1. Beautiful, Kathryn! And beautiful Beth!

    Your readers can find more "I am that mom/dad" posts in the comments on this post.

  2. Kathryn, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing such a lovely perspective. I've never met Beth so I'm glad to know how very wonderful she is.

  3. I love you all. <3 This was just so lovely in every way.